Make Plans for the Fall in Preparation for Your Future

The Importance of Planning Ahead
To Succeed, There Needs to be Good Organization & Planning

In the fall, most of us begin to think about the “new year” coming up.  What do we expect?  What do we want to accomplish or begin?  How can we improve from this current year?  From there we may plan the steps to achieve these goals, and it does take “a plan”.

Of course, the best plans also need to include good resources, alternatives and back-up plans, and flexibility.  If your goal is a personal one, it is still wise to have resources and support.  If the goal is work-related and is likely to include co-workers and associates, the whole team should be involved in the plan in order to give all a chance to contribute to its success.  By all participating in the effort, the success of the goal will make it even more meaningful and rewarding.

By using this time to evaluate the situation, determine what it will take to accomplish this goal, distribute the tasks, set a timeline and encourage all to consciously focus on achieving their tasks, there is a good chance of success!!!

The fall season is filled with encouraging reminders of how many natural beginnings begin at this time.  As the fall harvest prepares the earth for new growth, the falling leaves and warm fall sun naturally positions the seeds, bulbs, etc. to nestle snuggly through the colder days and nights in order to gain strong roots and nutrients, which will then enable them to push through the ground as spring’s sunshine strengthen each plant to reach for the sky and more nourishment of the sun.

Just as nature manages its resurgence through the year, we each have our routine of doing all we must in order to achieve our best in making our contribution to the world.  With each day all are encouraged to determine what we can each accomplish to benefit each other and our earth.  What plans can you make to contribute to others in 2022?   Each year is full of changes and challenges, but we can all help in one way or another.  What is your plan?