What Do You Value That Would Benefit Others

Savoring Peace & Health
Don’t Take Family and Good Health for Granted

What is the most precious thing that you value?  Chances are family is at or near the top of your list.  When you have had a bad day or feel like so much is falling apart in your life, usually your family has been there to pick you up and lift your spirits.  Unfortunately, not everyone has a supportive family.  However, we would hope that you will have some friends who step up to bridge that void.

Today with COVID and uncertain economic times and circumstances, questionable political activities, and increasing violence and deaths, we all need to take time to re-evaluate what we value in our lives and then to support those areas.  Life is so precious, and we can’t take it for granted.

Education; good health; a stable, healthy environment; and honest, strategic leadership are all necessary to have a strong, productive future.  Furthermore, these are all part of the foundation needed for a “family-friendly” community.  Are you willing to responsibly contribute and commit to your community in order to have a safe and healthy future?

A step towards maturity is when a person not only recognizes what he/she values the most, but is committed to doing all that is necessary that will benefit all.  That is true wisdom.