How Are Ethics and Integrity Viewed by Different Generations?

What Do You Consider Important
                      How Do You Rank Ethics?

In past generations, a person or professional who had poor integrity or poor ethics was viewed as being someone you couldn’t trust.  What do today’s generations think of such people?  Is ethics or integrity ranked as important as it used to be, OR do people see that as old-fashioned or not relevant today?

Many college students have been found to often copy other people’s work, manuscripts, etc. and turn the documents as their own work.  This is not only unprofessional but illegal.  Why don’t these current adult students either admit that they have lied about their work or create their own written work?  Are they lazy?  Do they not know how to draft original work of their own?  Do they actually believe no one will notice or recognize the work of someone else?  Do these adult students believe they won’t get caught using someone else’s written work?  Don’t they feel guilty taking credit for someone else’s efforts?  (Plagiarism)  What are the legal ramifications of stealing someone else’s written work?  Isn’t that against the law?

If one person uses the written work of another, the person copying the work should at least give credit to the original writer/author.  Most times when someone drafts a report or term paper, etc., you are expected to give credit to the original author.  Most written reports or articles should relay where the original information was derived.

This is true for any written pieces or presentations or even songs.  All original work should be protected and copyrighted.  Clearly each author has created and developed a specific piece of “art” with a particular message or image to share with the public.

If you or someone you know has taken upon yourself to tamper with some original thought, message, or vision, promoting it as an original product of yours, that is a violation or stealing of ideas or messages from someone else.  Therefore, the question posed to each of you, if YOU created an image or message reflecting your thoughts and perspective, how would you feel about that being promoted by someone else as “their own product”?

If this is an important issue, be sure to relay to others not to allow college students to take advantage of such original efforts.  Honesty is still VERY IMPORTANT!