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The Difference is in the “Heart” of the Process


When we first started our company, Compass Career Management Solutions, in 1994, a business advisor commented that though no one really knew of our firm back then, many knew of Bill and Robyn Crigger.  However, he continued, that in time our business would gain the respect and recognition of our focus, philosophy, passion, integrity, and our purpose – consequently, our work and services proved to be successful, positively impacting those businesses and their workforces, who we assisted.

By the time we reached our ten-year anniversary, Compass Career Management had not only worked in over 20 states, but our business was known as an effective, human resources-consulting firm, providing top “professional” career and business transition services, expanding over many industry lines and continuing to grow.  A few years later, we had worked in over 30 states.

Robyn and Bill Crigger, CEO and President, respectively, made every effort to address many human resources issues, doing all that was feasible to assist numerous businesses and industries, though keeping true to their goals of helping companies’ human resources to manage their workforces’ various transitions.

Though the bulk of our work dealt with “Outplacement”, this service continued to be misunderstood.  We were never a “placement service”, though in helping with an organization’s transition often involved helping dislocated employees to research potential career path options, evaluating the best fit for their skills, experience, personality, and other related factors.  Some options that were sometimes identified included retirement, a complete change of career path (involving the need to take additional education), or even self-employment.  Career Coaching was very much needed with a job transition and still is.  However, if an employee preferred staying in the same field and position, Compass Career Management could assist by circulating their professionally written resumes.

If the employer was dealing with a merger or acquisition, Compass Career Management could provide services to enhance its success with “Team Building”, “Supervisory Training”, “Leadership Training”, etc.  More recently, a forum for “Workforce Behavior” has become needed.  As time passes, more and more corporations have become familiar and respectful of the capabilities of Compass Career Management Solutions.  Such professionalism is valued now more than ever.