Life Challenges Requires Strategic Decisions
Use Strategic Thinking to be Responsible

As most know, with so many products and items being made out of the country or far away from their destination, AND with a major shortage of truck drivers, PLUS gasoline prices skyrocketing, there are mountains of crates and storage containers sitting on many docks unable to be delivered to stores and consumers.  This includes ALL kinds of manufactured goods and products.

You can go to many retail stores and find dozens and dozens of empty shelves.  The media has shared most of this to the public, forewarning us that we should be purchasing many items ahead, noting knowing  what items may be affected as we go through the holiday season.  Turkeys, toys, technological products, other grocery items (paper towels, toilet paper, and lots of food items) could easily become MIA.

Of course, a very hurtful step is for people to hoard items, instead of buying only what they need.  If everyone will purchase the amount needed, this will allow for more to better distribute products among the public.

As mentioned earlier, this will likely cause the cost of gasoline to dramatically increase, which could lead to a shortage of gas, which are needed for fire engines, ambulances, school buses, taxis, and the general public.  This is already costing an increase for airplane passengers.  The fact is one challenge affects others and so on.

When you read of all these issues and how one thing leads to others, clearly we each have choices we can make.  Anything each of us can do to avoid making these problems worse, the better.  Try to avoid making multiple trips for errands in your cars but consolidate and organize a more effective loop to handle more errands with one brief loop.

If we can reduce our electric, gas and water bills at home, that positively will benefit our community.  When leaving a room in your house, turning off the lights is one way to improve our economy.  Count the many ways each department of a business can relieve our utilities.  By reducing the use of gasoline, electricity, water, etc. can add up quickly, benefitting your home, business, community and our economy.  Let me hear how many of you can save on your finances AND utilities.  YOU CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE!