Good Advice re Career Choices — Words of Wisdom

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Carefully Evaluate What Job Makes You Feel More Value

For almost two years many people have either lost their jobs or had to adjust their careers in order to try to survive through this Pandemic.  Depending on where you were in your career when all of this developed, you may have to reconsider a new career path as you move forward, OR you may be closer to retirement and will need to adjust your retirement plans in order to re-group regarding what kind of a retirement life you can have.

If you are still early in your career life, you may want to explore and examine what career options that you may have.  There are numerous people who either choose a different career for themselves, while others take the leap into “self-employment”.  If you have a particular interest or passion that you have been considering, this could be just the time to give this serious thought and research.  Many communities provide “incubator spaces” for people to start small businesses.  Furthermore, the government also has some funding for start-up businesses.  This often comes with workshops and classes to help teach how to start a new business.

You might prefer learning a new skill or trade that is in BIG demand – like becoming a truck driver.  There is a HUGE demand for truck drivers now.  Other skills that are in big demand is “skilled labor”, construction workers, medical staff, IT employees, etc.  If you are in a Job Search, take the time to carefully choose what career path will fulfill and address your preferences and needs.  (Look at the chart above and try to confirm how you feel about different positions.  When you determine if a particular role is more than a job for which you are paid – and perhaps you actually love it, that can give your life “purpose”.  Take time to realize what career is fulfilling.  Choose what is right for YOU!