How to Select the Best Person for the Job

As more of our existing leaders become eligible for retirement, it will become harder to locate replacements with sound judgement and high ethics, who act responsibly by looking out for their subordinates, while training others to possess high standards, making sure that all work is done.  There are a lot of risks in today’s work environment and affected by our challenging economy.

As you are surely aware, there is a major shortage of employees, and most industries are desperate for competent people for their workforces.  Employees need to be thoroughly trained and prepared to not only do their jobs but to be innovative in resolving any problems and finding ways to make up for shortages and remedy other gaps.  This makes employees who are good “problem solvers” or ones who can find creative alternatives (like that TV character, “McGyver”) so valuable!  Having been effectively trained and educated is great, but being able to resolve workplace issues in a moment’s notice makes such employees rare and priceless.

Today most businesses seem to face more unexpected headaches than ever.  And with a shortage of workers, it makes any business always at risk.  Therefore, when recruiting and hiring employees, companies need much more than “warm bodies”.  They need focused, creative, and productive employees.

Many of our long-time experienced employees may not have had a college degree, but they were ones who knew how to look down the road and anticipate issues that would need a resolution, like pulling “a rabbit out of the hat”.  It is good to know how to do a job with everything going as expected, but today the more innovative a person is, the more valuable they are to the company.

When given a chance to work along side of a long-time experienced worker, take advantage of this.  Those people have a wealth of knowledge that you won’t find in a book or classroom.  This is why being an intern in the early stages of working is so valuable.  There is always something to learn at anytime in your life.  Be a sponge and absorb all that life has  to offer.  Keep your mind open and LISTEN & LEARN.