Wise Behavior of Professional
Professional Employers Use Wisdom with Decisions

When will the workplaces ever become more “normal” — if there is such a thing?   With the cargo ships and barges still floundering out in the ocean, waiting to dock in order to have their cargos unloaded and moved on their way to their destination, it is doubtful that there can ever be a “normal” in our business world.  That means our economy will continue to experience stressed finances in many, if not most, industries.  This was a time when a large number of  citizens were eligible to retire.  However, if  all those eligible for retirement left at once, businesses would have been short of experienced people to meet the needs of the market.   1) Many employers are still short of qualified employees, while numerous people of retirement age have still put off  taking their retirement.  Consequently, the shortage of employees is possibly the number one challenge for employers.

A related challenge is 2) all the items that are stuck on the cargo ships are either materials needed  to make a variety products that are needed by the consumers, or “finished products”.  That is why so many shelves remain empty in stores across the country.  Items in demand include technological parts and tech products, not to mention paper products, produce, chemicals, manufactured parts, gems, plastic items, etc.  The vast amount of items on those barges affect every industry imaginable.

Though related to the employee shortage, this backed-up process of distributing needs is making more people aware of 3) the needs of specific job skills, for instance, the desperate demand of “truck drivers“.  One weak area is finding truck drivers without being dependent on “drugs”.  Construction firms have been expressing a dire need of experienced construction employees as well.

Still, another challenge is 4) to get job candidates to accept “reasonable pay rates”.  More people are aware of the shortage of employees, and more use that knowledge to “blackmail” employers.  That may be a harsh term, but employers feel that they are over a barrel, but what can employers do?”  For whatever reason, many people don’t seem to “need” a job or its salary.

At the same time if employers are known for treating their employees well or fairly, that reputation can help to encourage job seekers to trust and value those employers.  5) Employers who are supportive and respectful of their employees should position themselves to attract better quality job candidates.  NOTE: However, those employers who are rude and disrespectful towards your employees will likely experience attracting poor quality job candidates.

Employers would be wise to review these points and make a conscious effort to learn from these insights.  Once treated with respect, those employees will tend to display a strong loyalty to their employers.