How Do You Achieve & Measure Success

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Being a business owner is not about “setting your own hours”, as many people think.  In fact, if you want to be successful, it is important that you make sure you suited for the task, are willing to work hard, are prepared to handle the difficult times, and make yourself accessible.  Still, in order to be a successful business owner and leader, there are several distinctions and efforts you should focus on and excel to be your best in your field and industry.  What do you imagine those might include?

  • Make sure that your field and accomplishments distinguish themselves as ones, which address specific improvements and needs, benefitting others. Doing this will position you as a person of distinction or a humanitarian.  Such persons are elevated to a high standard of their peers.
  • Develop a detailed budget to determine what funds are needed to develop the business, as well as being aware of how long you can manage without a “paycheck”.
  • Those leaders and owners who can get others to collaborate in an effort to improve major obstacles in our communities, states, nations, and beyond, may impact the majority of human kind. This might include those harmed by earthquakes, hurricanes, extensive flooding, etc.
  • Some business leaders and owners have formulated business ideas, which can benefit those with specific issues, who other businesses are unwilling to invest the time, money and effort. (For example, there are children with specific physical handicaps, needing specially designed coats.  One mother came up with a design, which helped many across our nation.)
  • Though not all uniquely crafted products will be a BIG demand or a big money-maker, success can take other forms. Some services might help people to find jobs, or keep a home warmer, cooler, safer, etc.
  • In selecting a type of business to own, it is wise to research thoroughly for the need, the cost of running that kind of business, locating the types of employees needed, the cost of an appropriate workplace, or has access to financial support, etc. Thus is the business viable?
  • If it takes longer to “break even”, will you be able to hold out long enough to manage your debts and finances? (NOTE: How much money do you have to cover yours expenses?)

Developing and starting a business takes time.  How long should it take to get a business running and making money?  It takes time to develop a concept, create and implement a marketing plan, get your products/services ready, locate customers, begin selling and receiving payments.  Compass Career Management Solutions provides Self-Employment manuals and coaching.;