The Loss of Self-Esteem
How Do You Lose Self-Confidence?


Encouraging Self-Esteem

One of the most important blessings is for any of us to encourage others to feel good about themselves.  Too often from the time we are children, we can be badgered and taunted about particular aspects about ourselves.  Sometimes we are bullied about being short, fat, ugly, loud, etc., and if the teasing and taunting goes on for years, a person can believe the comments are true.

No one is perfect, but those who become cruel and relentless can find that such bullying gives them a sense of POWER.  This doesn’t mean that any of these mean tactics are true, but the more a person hears these repeated negative comments, the more that person believes it could be true.

Therefore, what this “victim” needs is a friend to be like a “personal cheerleader”, reminding that tender-hearted person that none of the critical remarks are true, but instead they should be informed of what a very special and wonderful human being they are.

If you have a friend, who is being tormented and bullied on a regular basis, the best blessing you can provide is to stand up for your friend and to remind them what a wonderful person they really are.  Being such a kind and true friend makes you a VERY SPECIAL PERSON, IN DEED!!!  Your support will make you a BLESSING in itself.  We ALL need such special friends.  By providing your dear friend with such wonderful support, you are giving them the gift of “Self-Esteem”, which is PRICELESS!!!

In the business world, there exists “bullies”, and good, supportive friends are still needed.  Therefore, keep your ears and eyes open for people “needing a supportive friend”.  Any organization or corporation would be wise to provide professional forums or workshops to educate and discuss sensitive issues.  Compass Career Management Solutions is such a resource.

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