Be Strategic & Progressive
Understand the Importance of Accountability

Of course, most of us are trying to move forward by using an optimistic mindset, while being realistic in how to stay healthy and employed, in order to recognize productive ways to improve our current status with the existing resources and use our time as wisely as possible.

As most are bound to be aware, COVID continues to be able to diversify and spread over wide regions of land.  Most recently, this disease has broken out in the southern African region and continues attacking more and more people.  Sadly, there are few places where this new variant might attack vulnerable bodies, where the disease would gain more control of our planet.

And with so many still refusing to get their COVID vaccinations, we appear to be like “fresh meat”, ready “for the taking”.  The more we can get others to grasp the urgency of being vaccinated and/or to receive the boosters, the better chance we have of surviving this continuously growing disease!

We need to educate as many as possible on the importance of this vaccination.  As long as someone is holding out and discouraging others from taking COVID vaccinations, this disease will continue to grow.   Now is the time to seriously bring COVID to a halt!  We must not delay!  This disease hurts us all —  including businesses, schools, hospitals, etc.

Compass Career Management Solutions supports all organizations to be PROACTIVE!!!  Good health is a blessing, and we each would be wise to do all we can to strengthen our citizens.