Who Do You Trust?

Employers and employees can both be left unprepared if changes suddenly occur, though they were not expected.  For quite some time, events and circumstances have changed and have caught people unprepared. This can happen to business leaders and their workforces. So what can any of them do to be less vulnerable?

There are no guarantees that any plans will work out or be feasible when the time comes, but it is better to have some credible and reputable resources researched and have some confidential strategies discussed ahead "just in case" some possible scenarios develop -- and believe me, this happens more times than not.

Too many businesses and industries are in unpredictable situations these days. Who would have ever guessed that the United States would have dozens and dozens of ocean barges full of supplies and products sitting off our coast with no way to get their cargoes from the barges to the docks and delivered to their destinations? This has left many, many empty shelves throughout stores everywhere, with customers frantic as any deliveries are made.

With all this in mind, people are bound to be wondering how long until more businesses are going to close their doors? Yes, there are many companies begging for employees now, but there is no way to know how this situation will play out. Add to this the ongoing saga of COVID-19 and its growing illnesses that are developing from around the world and spreading.

We are all so thankful to our medical personnel, though they are exhausted and many are burned out. How can we help them and provide some kind of support? These are extremely stressful times, and it is critical that we think of others and not just ourselves. These are just some areas that need to attention and support.

As much as many individuals are nervous about the viability of their own jobs, it would be wise for all to research what occupations are growing or being eliminated so to better prepare ourselves for what lies ahead.  There may be better opportunities involving different skills in the near future.  We must not forget that others are struggling through the pandemic and our economic challenges.  We each need to be proactive and give serious concentration about how each of us need to determine what are our strengths, and how we can fit in the future of our country.  Therefore, use good judgment and sensitivity, while trusting and helping others.  Compass Career Management Solutions is a human resource firm, who values being of support during times of transition and changes, thus providing training and resources as needed.  A Key Factor is to Trust your judgment.  Contact:; 704-849-2500.

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Robyn Crigger, CEO
Career & Business Transition/Talent Development & Change Mgmt & Leadership Coach at Compass Career Management Solutions