Woman Contemplating Career Choices
Thorough Researching Aspects of Top Careers

The number of career choices grow and change as times move on.  Over the decades and centuries, many professions phase out and are eliminated, while other new careers are created.  Many are affected by our economics, technologies, the expansion of education, the development of new industries — like the space programs, and new inventions (i.e.  creation of airplanes), etc..

Some careers phasing out (gradually) are bank tellers as more people use ATMs and online banking, and yet many citizens complain about missing bank representatives, with whom you can talk face-to-face and personally.  Of course, that doesn’t stop the changes from happening.  No doubt, back in the 1800’s, there was no doubt citizens who complained about the stopping of stage coaches and horses.   However, there will always be changes.

Today as businesses and careers do transform, it is wise to become aware of which occupations are being phased out, while being aware of what new careers are growing.  The fact is more individuals are giving “Self-Employment” more consideration.   Self-Employment is not necessarily easy and requires a person to wear “many hats”, be flexible, are very well organized, are a strong money manager, can effectively market the business, etc.   The person choosing to become the owner would be wise to seek someone who is efficient in the area(s) which you are not.  That could be very beneficial.

The selection of a business should be one with which you are very knowledgeable and possibly possess a passion.  These two facts are quite critical.  One other point involves the financial basis — some say you should have at least one year’s worth of funds on which to live while starting a business .  However, I believe a new business owner should have at least 2-3 year’s worth of funds.  There is a wide variance on how long it may take for you to make the business successful.

Those areas of business, which would be wise choices for you would include those where you have a good foundation in: 1) experience of working or managing a business; 2) have a passion for a line of business; 3) have the knowledge of how to market a business; 4) a good understanding of financial management; and 5) where you have an enthusiasm and ability of strong organization.

Becoming Self-Employed should be only one of 3-4 possible career choices if a career transition is needed.  Be sure to carefully research all options and locate credible resources to assist you with your important life choices.   (; 704-849-2500)