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Must a Leader Always Be Successful?

All businesses want good, strong and successful leaders, but not all leaders are always strong and successful.  Most leaders learn to be successful over time.  In fact, many leaders will first experience a number of failures before they learn that other traits of an effective leader ethical and humble.  For example, in another setting, a person first experiences the ball bouncing off of the rim, and eventually, they learn how much lift and “push off” it takes to allow just enough “umph” (force) so that ball falls over the rim and through the netting.  That is a great feeling!  Then you do it until you master that.

Similarly, like the old saying, “you can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make him drink”.  A good leader needs to build a rapport and trust with the employees in order that the workforce understands and grasps the leader’s thought process.  Think of someone who you truly respect and trust.  If that person tells you to walk backwards, you know eventually the court will end, but you trust that leader will direct you to win.  What did it take to get you to the point of trusting that person?

Therefore, an upcoming leader learns the skills and gains your trust through his direct experience, allowing him to connect to you and others.  A good leader wants you to succeed, but that requires the building of a strong trusting relationship with the team, including open and honest communications.

Sometimes it may take a leader a longer time expose their vulnerable side.  They may not want to stumble in front of you, so they keep their guard up, being tough.  But the fact is, we are all “human”, and sooner or later, we all stumble.  Once you get past this, the team or subordinates realize that all any of us can do is to try our best.  Therefore, “good leaders” are ones who can not only gain their team’s respect, but to avoid any sense of judgmental behavior.  A good leader teaches others how we are all on the same team, and we need to encourage and support each other.

Needless to say, good leaders are good role models for others.  As their relationship grows with their team, they all continue to get better and stronger.  Your “trusted leader” should earn your respect.; 704-849-2500