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When starting our business in 1994, I asked one of our senior mentors, “how will we get people to believe us regarding our expertise, and he said, “at first people may question you, but in time those who hire you, and find out what responsible, effective business persons you are, will tell others about how beneficial and capable you are.”  And it did take some time to gain local clients.  Initially, businesses and corporations we had serviced across the United States would hire us to provide services in Michigan, New York, Georgia, Illinois, etc.  We also worked a lot with manufacturing, but gradually, other industries found that our services were effective and crossed many lines of various businesses.

Our programs and practices worked well with accounting firms, pharmaceuticals, law firms, medical-related businesses, eye clinics, engineering firms, publication/media organizations, property management, construction, hospitality, and many others.  Additionally, our comprehensive approach worked well with all levels and positions.

Though our biggest demand was for Outplacement, there is a wide range of transition-type needs that we have been able to address.  Depending on the situation, we would meet with the leadership and LISTEN closely to what had been happening, gather as much detail as possible, and determine what steps and efforts would be most effective and beneficial.

In today’s world there is always some type of Change or Transition occurring, and when it comes to humans, communication (including listening) is imperative in determining how to identify potential resources and resolve the challenge.  Though most would agree that diversity is a value factor in business, but it can also contribute to miscommunication and misunderstandings.  Thus, it is important to discuss “bumps in the road” and how to manage them.

There are many good resources for different situations, and no one business is truly a “jack of all trades”.  However, when your organization faces challenges involving “people”, and there may be some type of “Change” going on, keep COMPASS CAREER MANAGEMENT SOLUTIONS at the top of your resource list.  We are not perfect, but NO ONE IS.  We will strive to listen carefully to what is occurring in your work environment, and do all that we can to help and move you forward.  The fact is “we CARE about our clients”.