Use Valuable Insight in Preparing to have a Positive Experience of Employees Returning to Work

Practice wisdom, respect, and proactive efforts in preparing for a healthy and positive return of employees to work.

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Reasonable, Safe, and Conscientious Expectations

After two years of COVID/Pandemic illnesses, causing huge numbers of serious health issues, deaths, overloaded stress on health and medical professionals, as well as devastating economic hardships, businesses, state and regional authorities, and other organizations are determined to do their best to encourage more people to take vaccinations and boosters.  These efforts, along with wearing facial masks and social distancing will be viewed as the best-efforts we humans can do to decrease the number of COVID and Omicron cases.  Reducing these diseases is a PRIORITY.

Businesses and all kinds of organizations are trying their best to strategically decrease the number of cases, saving lives, while striving to salvage as many businesses as possible.  Our whole country, not to mention the nations around the world, all need to work hard at re-building their companies, and meeting the needs of people everywhere.

This can’t be done without our employees.  Thus, what can be done to reassure the workforce that the employers are taking this situation seriously?  Employers are focused on making all workspaces clean and sanitized and being sure that the overall work environment is being kept regularly disinfected from germs.  They also offer gloves, facial masks, and shoe coverings, as well as cleansing sprays to wipe down desks, key boards, light switches, etc.  With this conscious effort to maintain a healthy work environment, surely the employees will feel their safety is a priority.

Employers should consider two efforts that employees would really appreciate: 1) to be prepared to allow “flexibility” of work schedules as there are bound to be times when childcare or other commitments require altering.  And 2) provide frequent communication between leaders and employees.  Having these regularly scheduled exchanges can help to avoid or eliminate misunderstandings, provide updates, and share general information for better relations.  Exchanges need to be positive and upbeat for Good Morale!

With Employers working hard to protect their employees from COVID and other infectious germs, this should improve the rapport between the two.  Building stronger relations and respect should produce a progressive organization, which would lead to a proactive and successful process. A WIN-WIN!!!; 704-849-2500