Extremely Important Message to our Future and Young Adults

Now more than ever, we humans need to encourage and support our future adults.  Take the time to review this article and let your young adults know how important of an impact they can be to their families, fellow citizens, future generations, and our planet.  They have choices, and they CAN make a difference.

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Following Your Passion

There are so many individuals trying to select careers for themselves these days but with the Pandemic already causing chaos for over two years, it is important for people to look deep within themselves to determine what path can they choose that will utilize their enthusiasm, skills, personality, and make an impact on our future.  We have diseases on the increase, and our planet facing serious global climate disasters.

There will always be needs for teachers, doctors, other medical professionals, electricians, IT specialists, engineers, pilots, etc., but look at the new professions and occupations that are being created every 5 to 10 years or more.  We seem to be in a need for innovative and specific skills.  What do you, your children and younger generations possess that could benefit our population in the immediate future?

It is seriously encouraged for more people to give consideration and open their minds to what expertise and strong characteristics they have to bring to the table of our world.  Some should look into roles that tap into scientific or mathematical skills.  If you are one who has a knack for a strong imagination, or uses problem solving skills that some might refer to as a “McGyver” mindset, you could be a real asset.  It isn’t always ones who are geniuses that can make a big impact, but instead those who have “practical” skills.

The more experience a person has and has worked in a wide variety of industries, or worked a lot of different jobs, the more special insight and skills they might bring to a situation and different talents to the “game”.  Obviously, our young adults have been exposed to a lot of technology and “sci-fi”, etc.  You surely want to encourage your younger generation to select a stable and valuable profession.  Still, chances are, rising adults will want a career that is fulfilling and with a strong purpose.  They should be encouraged to research newer industries and ones that may benefit our planet and our fellow human beings.

There is nothing wrong with being a teacher, plumber, electrician, etc.  We also need firemen and policepersons, but let them think about what they want to do with their lives.  Encourage an “open mind”.

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