As if there has not been enough stress since COVID began, more hurdles, issues, complications, headaches, challenges, etc. keep growing that adds to the business and economic mountain of hardships, making us all more stressed and increasing the growing tension among our countries, businesses, communities, and citizens.  This growing nightmare has not only become a concern of survival but of using our intelligence and resources to manage our problems.

The increasing stress is showing up in schools, neighborhood streets and stores, workplaces, colleges, in movie theaters, restaurants. and malls, etc.  All ages are taking out their frustrations and anxieties on each other.  These economic issues make us feel helpless and vulnerable.  Then our anger releases violence, which has increased within us substantially.  Few people are talking or “listening” to each other.  Some feel so overwhelmed that they are turning to suicide as a release to all that is happening.

In addition, a large number of businesses are closing, prices are increasing dramatically (including groceries), and many items cannot be attained.  There are all kinds of shortages, including appliances, furniture, items for building homes, i.e. cabinets, tubs, light fixtures, etc.   Many grocery shelves are empty.  Our entire nation and beyond are feeling overwhelmed.  There is a huge shortage of employees, including truck drivers, construction workers, etc.   Business owners, parents, teachers, hospitals, etc. are all feeling tremendous stress and fear about the future.

It is during such times that we all need to come together and be supportive.  Before you find yourself losing your temper or spouting off to a neighbor, TAKE A DEEP BREATH!!!  This is not a time to scream and yell, but to STOP AND THINK!  What can you do to help your neighbor?  How about pooling the food in your frig or freezer, and jointly feeding your families?  Maybe one neighbor can take turns babysitting for another neighbor and vice versa.  If one family cannot afford to heat their home, perhaps this is another area to “trade off with each other”.  There are bound to be other ways to help a friend, employer, or teacher.

If we can take some time to help feed each other’s families, then we might be able to get some rest and return to work with a positive frame of mind.  Remember that “united we stand, divided we fall.”  Let’s be kind to each other, and look for ways to help our neighbors, employers, and country to survive this Pandemic and Time of Crisis.  Consider that our ability to help others as an Opportunity to be better persons.