Gather All to Share Facts
Have Professional to Inform Others Which Opens True Understanding

It shouldn’t be surprising that tempers intensify as COVID goes into the third year, which includes the addition of variants, and the death count continues.  Though the medical professionals insist that more people need to be vaccinated, the restrictions, limitations, isolation, etc. has made many to feel they cannot breath!  Simple pleasures like families gathering for birthday celebrations, or the gathering for weddings are no longer “simple”, safe, or even possible.

The first year of COVID was very hard with so many dying, and then the vaccination was developed, which brought hope.  However, many refused to take it, and social distancing became too lax, especially for the young adults.  Add to that the many manufacturers and businesses who were  unable to deliver their products to customers.  The stress increased and intensified into a heightened anger.  Add to this the concern that people were allowing their anger to be channeled into direct violence, shooting and killing people out of extreme frustration.

As senseless as this seems to be, we need to find a way to manage this anger and quit allowing COVID to become so powerful over each of us.  It is critical for people to understand that this behavior is giving more power to this negative energy, which then feeds off our fears.  Do you want COVID and the pandemic to control us?  Consider providing a forum or venue to talk through the emotions that your workforce is experiencing.  In fact, a panel of certain professionals and leaders could help to diffuse this anxiety and release factual and insightful information your employees can then take home to inform their families.

With this credible approach, we could see the reduction of a massive anger cloud, therefore easing the anxiety of the community (while still encouraging the use of vaccinations).  EMPLOYERS, take heart and share this information with your organizations.