Life Challenges Requires Responsible Decisions & Leaders
It is Important to Research Thoroughly & Determine What is Best for All

COVID, what is its true status? COVID-19 has had more than one variance, and the fact is too many people are still dying of it. The government (local, state, and national) all have their versions of the status of the pandemic. More than one say fewer cases are developing, and yet thousands are still dying. More are said to be getting vaccinated, and yet there are still MANY not getting vaccinated.

With more businesses still closing their doors, and too many people losing their jobs, it is confusing what any of us can do. Supposedly, more people are considering self-employment, but it is concerning that many do not understand how difficult it is to be successful. When our firm has taught “Self-Employment” classes, many people do not realize that it can take 1-3 years to actually make a profit. Those who are successful are often those who have received instruction and coaching on Entrepreneurship and have a large sum of money to invest. Being self-employed doesn’t mean that you can set your own hours. If you aren’t accessible, customers are seldom willing to wait for you to arrive. There is a LOT more involved in being a successful business owner.

However, if you choose to accept a position with a business, you would be wise to do lots of research, get training, attain appropriate skills, become strong in organizing, having quality tools, encourage that there are qualified employees, have good financial management, etc. Selecting a credible employer is critical.

No matter whether you stay with your existing employer, become self-employed, or select a wiser and more efficient employer, you need to be sure that you are investing in your own skills and capabilities. However, today in addition to these factors in business, we each need to stay informed and educated about the best health information for ourselves, our families, and our fellow co-workers. Some media like to relay information that stirs up emotions. Be sure that you receive accurate and professional information when it comes to “public safety”.

There are some who are willing to take higher risks and refuse to follow safe precautions. The pandemic urges people to keep safe distances from each other, avoid crowds, use facial masks, be sure to get vaccinations and boosters, use sanitizers, and wash your hands with warm water and soap. The use of strong cleaning sprays and cleaning fluids are wise steps in reducing germs.