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Choice of Using Masks;

Healthy Eating

Washing Hands Often

Stress Due to Demands

There is hardly a soul who hasn’t been frustrated and feeling the stress with over two years of COVID and its variants and the many restrictions and requirements made upon all citizens.  There has been multiple reports of the negative effects on the children, as well as adults – some exhibiting irritability, inability to sleep or concentrate, among other poor behavior.

These types of behavior issues are also present in other age groups.  It has caused many to question if this on-going demand on people related to the increase in violence throughout our communities.  We have all seen a dramatic escalation of physical violence with more people taking the lives of others, as well as other acts of violence.  Such events have also included negative actions towards our police, who work hard to serve and protect our citizens.

Though some are nervous about stopping the use of face masks, many do say that the face masks often cause people to experience restricted or trouble breathing.  Still, we need to find ways to avoid the spreading of viruses and contagious germs.

Using proven disinfectants, effective cleaning products, continued washing hands thoroughly and often, as well as receiving credible vaccinations and boosters are all wise and valid alternative measures.  Keeping oneself clean and surroundings safe is just as important as disinfecting work surfaces, replacing air filters often, and making sure to wipe down door knobs, file drawer handles, etc.  Practicing all of these safety measures can benefit the public and possibly avoid the stress on individuals.  Remember that the precautions you take will also benefit others.

Re: personal safety efforts, stress should be reduced for all.  Such tactics are a good way to demonstrate that you care about your fellow citizens.  Leaders who are well informed and strive to provide constructive venues to allow for better communication and strategic processing can create a more productive work environment.  When people are given the choice to develop positive efforts that benefit the organization, the majority tend to support this approach, which delivers successful results.

Instead of “forcing strict rules” on employees, allow them to research and choose effective ways that benefit the majority.  When organizations face sensitive decision, give them the opportunity to create winning resolutions. Compass Career Management Solutions, expert coaches in transitions and other HR-related matters.; 704-849-2500.

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