Wise Insight When Approaching Your Career and Position Selection


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Look Around at your Competition

Who do you see as your toughest competition when applying for a position in your area?  Do these people have similar education, experience, and training as you?  Understandably, the majority of Job Candidates are seeking established, stable employers with good reputations, who have invested in their workforces, and believe in providing effective training and coaching.  Top organizations understand the importance of assertive action to enhance their workforces with progressive coaching.

A wise, strategic employer needs to be well aware of what employees MUST have to help the business be successful.  Sometimes it is wise to include quality supplies and progressive trainers, who possess clear communication skills and can instill good judgement and encourage good work ethics.  The selection of a Job Candidate with a positive attitude and a willingness to learn has the option to build a strong future for themselves.

A Job Candidate possessing average or better intelligence and is willing to learn from Career Coaches and Business Advisors can find themselves with multiple opportunities in their future.  This still requires some thorough research and investing in your own education and training.  A reputable, credible Career Coach can make a distinctive difference.  Understand your skills and talents.  Be sure to include all aspects of any career or profession before making your final career selection.  You’d be surprised how many complete their studies, and then realize it was the wrong choice for them.

Be careful accepting information about careers from friends, acquaintances, or relatives.  You can’t be sure of their intent, the validity or accuracy of the information, etc.  You would be wise to follow your own gathered intel.  A company may have various information accessible to the public, though some may be inaccurate.  It can be a way to see how thorough some Job Candidates are.

When investing in a Career Coach, they should first have you to examine what aspects of a career are most important to you, and what you need to conclude if it is a good fit for you.  A Professional Career Coach is an investment in your future.  Aren’t you worth it?  Compass Career Management Solutions provides credible Career Coaching, yet understand that your career selection is YOURS.

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Today’s Job Market is tough for all concerned.  Many employees have retired while others have chosen to become self-employed, etc.  Still there are those who are soon to graduate, while other current employees are choosing to change professions.  All of these factors and more make the Job Market very competitive.  Therefore, all are encouraged to approach their career and job choices very carefully.