Critical Factor to the Survival of a Business


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Effective Communication Skills

The top issue or concern that employees relay the most re: their companies and organizations is “Communication”.  This can be a serious indicator of a problem for most business owners and leaders, as communication is critical to their progress and growth.  It would be considered a “death sentence” to a business if they were known for “poor communication”.

Open and clear communication is needed among the owner and management, management and the general workforce, with vendors, as well as between sales and clients.  Good communication is like “oil for the Tin Man” in the Wizard of Oz, an asset that keeps all running smoothly.  Effective communication improves the working relationships between the different factions, including better listening.

In order for any business to receive input and address any issue shared by their counterparts, the first step to “good communication” is to LISTEN carefully and confirm the issue at hand.  From there, identify the main concern and determine or locate a resolution.

This may sound simple, but if the owner and management team has swept this problem under the rug for any length of time to avoid a confrontation, it may take a longer time to resolve.  Compass Career Management Solutions has always valued the importance of “Communication”, and we are ready to be of assistance.  Communication is a “key component” to the growth and survival of a business.

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Do NOT underestimate the importance of “Communication”.