Want to Provide a True Hand of Hope?

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Guidance on making a sincere effort of Kindness

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"Handful of Hope"

In today’s world there are those who tend to always be ready to “take” whatever they can, and yet there are more needing gestures of “hope”.  Too many have lost their jobs, homes, and some have lost family or their own health.  Losing jobs and homes are devastating, and yet losing one’s health can be life-threatening. Across any community, it isn’t hard to find those caught in dire straits with so many losses that it is difficult to get back on their feet.  What can any business or organization do to help turn these lives around of those who are struggling to survive?

This is a time when people of any business or organization can come together to pool a variety of items that could give hope to those in this serious struggle.  Yes, food is one form of help, as is clean water and milk, clothing, warm blankets, pillows, and bedding, and stuffed animals, books to read, even vitamins, but shelter may be harder.

There are a number of organizations throughout our communities, who can guide you how to distribute any of these valued resources – though it is wise to research how each of these venues process and circulate these very much needed items and to whom they assist.  It is a gesture of true humanity to supply such needs to our fellow neighbors.  Hopefully, someone can provide some safe, clean shelter to keep these people out of harm and protected from harsh weather.  None of us know when we might face such debilitating situations.  Businesses are encouraged to be instrumental in providing credible assistance to those in need.

There are needs around the world, and yet there are many in need in our own neighborhoods.  If your workforce wants to help those in need, now is a good time to offer a “hand of hope”.