What Are You Doing to Place Your Organization on a Proactive Path for the Future?

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(Desire to be Socially Conscientious)


(The newer Generation has NO patience nor value/respect Others.)

Is it not discouraging to see images like these above of some of our talented business professionals?  If you ever wonder what the future holds for businesses or business leaders, look at today’s employers and their executive team, and how they are treating and developing their upcoming leaders.  Are the employers “listening” to their workforces and building strong communication with them?

More and more employees are leaving jobs due to a lack of support or respect.  However, too many of these employees find that after a short period of time with their new employer, there is no difference from their last ones.  If workplaces do not make improvements, and business leaders refuse to correct their behavior, how can any work culture become better and more successful?

With such a negative trend in our business world, it leaves a sad image of our future.  The big void includes a lack of integrity, mutual respect, accountability, loyalty, etc.  Such characteristics and qualities used to be common traits of professionals and leaders.  What can be done to change the path that we are on?  Consider using an experienced and professional HR-consulting firm, which provides effective transition services, like Compass Career Management Solutions.

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