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A Professional VenueProfessional Venue to Exchange & Share Credible Ideas/Solutions

Compass Career Management has provided and developed numerous business and career forums and venues for individuals and groups to educate business leaders (including human resources professionals) on topics that have caused challenges to organizations, which have included some costly expenses, physical harm, or legal ramifications.  Our Forums have been very beneficial to all attendees.  Often attendees have suggested ideas for future venues.  These exchanges result in informing key execs on valuable data and ideas leading to successful outcomes.

As needs for specific Forums and educational exchanges are identified, Compass Career Management selects the dates, location, useful/insightful resources, etc., and posts an announcement of registration via our website: www.compasscareer.com.  These events are usually FREE but may have a nominal fee.  All forum information collected is typically shared freely, though often the info is encouraged to be confidential – especially if still a new trend.

These exchanges and venues are not held often, as most leaders have busy schedules, but the info is always quite beneficial to all attendees.  If a group has a topic or issue that they believe would be useful and valued by most or many firms or industries, they are encouraged to inform or post Compass Career, who willingly values setting up venues to share the data with others.

Depending on the seriousness and status of the topic as to how quickly a forum can be organized and what may be needed to cover the topic effectively.  These forums are organized to be accurate and of highest quality.  The forums strive to be of high integrity as the professionals attending are often the “decision makers”.  Compass Career Management have posted these Forums on our website, which notes the key data and usually includes a place to register.  Although those who have participated in other forums have been known to receive special group emails about upcoming events.   Simply VISIT www.compasscareer.com to learn more.  If you know of an important topic that would be valued by HRs and fellow leaders, please feel free to post us.  These meetings are meant to be of support to businesses and organizations.

www.compasscareer.com; 704-849-2500