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Global WarmingGlobal Warming

Worldwide Destruction via WarWorldwide Destruction via War

Humans Lose – Technology Takes OverHumans Lose – Technology Takes Over

Over time, the world has gone through many “power struggles”, as well as transitions affected by weather (Ice Age), Violent Battles (Atomic Bomb), Deadly Illnesses (smallpox), Chemical Warfare, the Industrial Revolution, and the unforeseen outcome of the Extreme Development and Dependency of Man’s Technology, etc.  There has usually been some poor decisions and planning (or lack thereof), which have brought about tragic results or repercussions.  All of these have negatively impacted our universe, and yet humans have still not learned the important lessons from these, as horrible, deadly events still develop.

In more recent times we have been warned about “Global Warming”, which is melting our arctic ice and raising temperatures in our oceans and across our continents.  Sadly, these warnings seem to fall on deaf ears.  There has also been an increase in serious viruses, which could connect with rising temperatures.

Wars have also continued to develop as some humans insist on becoming more powerful and controlling.  With this, more destructive weapons are encouraged to be created, killing more and more of the world’s population.  Clearly, as these power seekers build up their military and weapons, it brings us closer to the “end of our world” as we know it.  These “power hungry villains are self-indulging, only focused on their own personal desires with no concern for others.  Their interest is “bringing the World to its Knees”.

The newest of world peace challenges is how humans have turned to the development of “artificial intelligence” (AI), where people have become enamored by developing the kind of “technology”, that can be self-driven and capable of using their artificial mental technology to take control of a situation without the assistance of human beings.  This could be the worst development of them all, as “man unleashes his own inventions on his fellow man”, possibly bringing an end to human beings.

All are encouraged to research and try to understand how we can do whatever is possible to save our Earth and our fellow citizens from such destruction.  If you do nothing to help our fellow citizens and allow the worst to happen, remember that you will have to face yourself in the mirror each day.  Isn’t it better to try to make a difference?  This world belongs to us all.  Start small in your own home, then look outside to see how you can help.  Do you “expect” the world to come to an end?  Or do you want to keep the Earth healthy for others to enjoy?  Earth = Home.