Pick up any business publication or turn on any news media show on TV, and you will hear one of several issues that can stir up peoples’ emotions.  Some of these topics include: Diversity, Global Warming, COVID/the Pandemic, the Wearing of Facial Masks, COVID Vaccinations, Black Lives Matter, the Increase of Violence in Neighborhoods, the Challenge for Women in Business, the Lack of Affordable Housing for Many Citizens, the War in Ukraine, and the list goes on.  The list grows as time passes.

Depending on the day’s events, some concerns may rise on this list, though they all have some serious basis, as well as no easy solutions or “quick fix”.  For instance, Global Warming is definitely a real threat, though the risks may not be immediate, it will eventually be a detriment to us all.  The Pandemic has caused the deaths of thousands and thousands of lives around the world, yet the development of vaccinations and boosters have bought “mankind” some time.  However, the continuation of new variants have also increased the threat of more lives being taken.

One topic may move up to the top of your list of concerns one day, with another issue jumping up another day.  Any of these can add stress for you and your family.  The fact is all of these and others that are unnamed need attention and would be concerns that we would all like addressed.  Instead of getting on a “soapbox” and yelling at others that your particular issue needs more attention, we should all acknowledge that we need to work on this matters together with the idea of improving our world to be one of peace, cooperation, and mutual respect.