There are so many concerns affecting our lives that it may be hard to determine which is causing the most stress and worry.  We have only noted three major topics in this blog, but there are many more, including COVID, the loss of more loved ones, our unsettling economy, and where all of these will leave our country in the future.  With our involvement in the Ukraine war and our providing our allies with a big portion of our own defensive weapons, some fear if that doesn’t leave us vulnerable to other threats.

The fact is all of our citizens need to find ways of being supportive of our country.  During this time of upcoming elections, too many of us are behaving negative and argumentative of our fellow citizens instead of pulling each other together to keep our country strong.  Our citizens would be wise to avoid bickering over rates of pay and to choose to locate positions that will benefit our country.  It is more important to remedy the lack of baby formula, help our farmers keep affordable food on the table, and for politicians and property owners to help our fellow citizens to locate “affordable housing”.

As you look around at what is happening to ourselves directly, as well as other people in our communities, and those in our world, we should all be examining what we can each do to help safeguard our world.  Tragedies affecting other countries could easily be our own problem in the near future.  Look at Africa and their lack of water!!!  That is TRAGIC!  We would be very short-sighted if we don’t realize that this could affect us in the blink of an eye.

Bottom line is that we all need to be making a strong effort to help our fellow human beings, as we could easily be next.  All are encouraged to think and act more proactively.  This can begin in your home as well as your workplace.  Don’t put this off.  Start today to assist our world in having a brighter future.

What Are You Doing to Save our World
All Need to be Proactive.