How to Attract Credible Job Candidates
How to Convey the Type of Skills & Personality Needed for the Job

Practically everywhere you go, you see signs for “Help Wanted”.  Employers cannot seem to find nearly enough employees these days.  Most people cannot understand why more people are not applying for open positions, but with so many having lost their jobs and now having limited funds, many jobs require more skills and training than people have, becoming a HUGE challenge.  Furthermore, many do not have the funds to sign up for special training and education.  In some cases the Unemployment Office is able to provide training if that is the only thing keeping a person from qualifying for the job.

Of course, if an employer is willing to provide “on-the-job” training, that could resolve the challenge for many.  This approach used to be more widely available than it is today.  The two big hurdles is for a Job Candidate to locate a reputable and supportive employer, who provides a decent wage and effective training and development.  Such employers are highly treasured, and employees are good to make others aware of an employer’s reputation.

The other asset is for employers to arrange for dependable benefits.  Obviously, the cost of benefits and training are substantially high, which makes an employer look for ways to confirm that the employee will continue working in order to compensate for the costs.  Both benefits and training are valuable investments.

So what traits or characteristics would support hiring an individual?  Someone who is honest, has good work ethics, is conscientious, as well as someone who is dependable and productive.   This would require a solid work history and good references.  Such job candidates exhibit these traits with their past work experiences.  A reputable job candidate also has been one who has also been productive.

If a person has not been treated respectfully or has never received professional training by an employer, or fair wages, these people will likely be ones to seek self-employment or change jobs frequently.   Therefore, to locate and hire good employees, be aware of what they seek and how to attract them.