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CHANGE is a natural transformation that occurs throughout life, yet it is one of the most difficult experiences for many people.  Most find it more natural to have a regular, on-going routine.  One phrase to reflect how many view our distaste for change is “we are creatures of habit”.  We find a daily pattern “comfortable” and natural, yet there is a small percentage who seem to get bored doing the same things every day.  Therefore, they will seek out different activities, surroundings, and people to mix up their daily pattern.  It could include traveling to different locations, eating different food, experiencing different weather, environments, and types of people, etc.

Transitions can take on different images or emotional experiences, goals and priorities.  A business, that may have initially been created to provide emotional support to a particular group, may be acquired by those with a focus motivated more by finances.  Don’t make a change just to “change”.

As for Career Transitions, some people have gone from being a strongly, financially-driven corporate executive, to change his/her career path to the more socially conscious organizations, concerned about moral issues, maybe even involved with non-profit leaders.  Some people find this role more appealing than the intense corporate professional.

Whatever career path you choose, may it fulfill your life, and incorporate a well-organized and strategic process that delivers a position, which brings about success and a rewarding life.  As the progressive executive, be sure to devote your full energy and concentration to research and tap into credible resources in order to make your venture a success.

A business transition has many more steps and factors that need reviewed and evaluated before planning changes.  The fact is a business transition does require more time and research before a strategy is mapped out.  The cost is only one part, and that can’t be determined until details of all other aspects are in place.  Even at that, once the cost is calculated, the business transition still may not be wise.  As for the Career Transition, steps needed include a) choosing an appropriate career goal, b) determining which institution for education and training is needed, c) what timing is best to accomplish the goal, and d) researching potential employers and/or which location is the best fit.  Consider a credible, trustworthy resource for the best outcome – i.e. Compass Career Management Solution.