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Is Anyone Listening?Are You Really Aware of What Is Happening Around You?

It has already been said and repeated so many times, but since COVID began 2.5 years ago, all people (young, old and in-between) have encountered so many upsetting, sad, scary, devastating experiences that the repercussion will be very long lasting and likely leaving deep scars that may not be evident for a long time down the road.  Similar to other events that cause “Post Traumatic Syndrome” (PTS), a person, even a child, may not display the true impact of these frightening or emotionally upsetting encounters for months or years later.

Anyone (children, students, teenagers, employees, etc.) can fall victim to the repeated and long-lasting violent occurrences.  If it is your child or student, you may want to have them avoid watching news on TV, as the images and descriptions can leave a deep and lasting sad impression.

In addition, these events of the past 2.5 years show no signs of coming to an end, and more people are reacting by way of violence, while seeing others who are injured or killed.  We all need to become keenly aware of what people around us are saying.  These violent responders may be someone who you know, or could be expressing an indication of their mental status.  Is this a “cry for help”?

This is not a suggestion for you to try talking or approaching an emotionally-challenged, upset, or troubled individual, but we all should be “listening” for others, who are feeling especially stressed during these unsettling times and seek out appropriate professionals who could help. The Bottom Line is to be aware that many are stressed, and that we should listen carefully for signs that a person may need help.  NOTE: that it would be best to learn of credible resources, who could assist in such situations.  Meanwhile, be safe and keep your ears and eyes open. You could be the one to offer a person a “life line” just in time!  (Don’t assume that someone else will help.)

Offering Help