Businesses, Are You Making Good Decisions?

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Using the Same Practices Won't Produce Different or Better Outcomes

It typically takes a few years for a new business to transform into a more productive business, and then when businesses are faced with the unusual circumstances that we have had over the past 2.5 years, it will take not only more time but different and strategic efforts to change that business’ outcome.  In addition, what practices work for one business may not be as successful for another business.

Still, each business has to research and experiment regarding what actions, timing, and specific ingredients cause a positive reaction and result.  Factors could include the time of year, weather, color, fragrance, and many other emotional triggers.  It is quite amazing how many times a person’s emotional impulse produces successful results.

On the other hand, if a business insists on leaving all aspects the same, it will likely see the same outcomes.  This can include training.  If employees are left to handle their jobs using the natural skills they have always used, why would you expect any different outcomes?

If your business always had a general, non-descript radio station playing in the “background” for your store, but then you were told that people respond better to classical music, thus you changed to that, would it surprise you that your business’ sales jumped up by 20% on those days?  Some might say that is just a coincidence, but if you made this change every other day and the sales were up only on those days, what would you conclude?

The bottom line is that it could be very worthwhile to try some different efforts and monitor the reactions.  Also, if you survey your customers and found that in specific departments, the customers responded more positively to female sales staff, versus in other departments the customers reacted better to male sales staff, wouldn’t it be worth adjusting your employees’ schedules?

Again, training your staff according to your customers’ preferences could prove to be a wise business decision.  The more businesses strive to please their clients, the better their businesses may be.  Remember that there are many factors to this strategic process.  It can involve numerous aspects.  However, honest business policies should always be in place and NO trickery.  Many are not pleased with changes, but improvements in customer satisfaction are always welcomed.; 704-849-2500