Personal Blessing & Treasure – Father & Family


Qualities of Father

Parent’s Love & Support is a Priceless Treasure

When one speaks of their “family”, it can have many interpretations.  Not all families consist of a “mother, father, son and daughter”.  Some families have no mother or father, but instead may be raised by a grandmother and/or grandfather.  There are some children raised by an older sibling or an aunt or uncle.  However, the key factor to a family is being surrounded by those who care and love you enough to make sure you taught and raised to be of good character.

Having a supportive and caring adult(s), who takes this role seriously and is committed to providing strong values and explains the need and purposes of clear guidelines in order to keep those young children on the path of good ethics and integrity.  It takes parents or guardians of good and disciplined character to develop those children into respectful and responsible adults.

It is difficult at best for a parent to be consistent, focused, and disciplined with the children.  To be too lax with children may seem to make the children happy, but such parenting will typically lead the children into negative and risky situations.

Obviously, good parenting steers clear of extreme or harmful discipline, but should relay clear expectations and allow for fair and healthy exchanges.  Children need to learn how to make wise, fair, and informed decisions.  Having a father or parent, who is able to guide their children to tap into credible resources, should become a more insightful, cautious, and wise decision maker.  (The key outcome is to be able to make good and positive decisions.)  Therefore, be thankful and appreciative of having responsible fathers and/or parents.  (Such blessed children will become wise adults.); 704-849-2500