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The Reality of Today’s Business World

Is Changing Jobs Worth the Risks?

Business CycleWhat Changes Can an Owner Risk Making?

Our world today is similar to the “game show”, Jeopardy!  It seems practically nothing today is a “sure thing”!  Almost everything is uncertain or full of unpredictable circumstances.

One person could change jobs and make a small increase of salary but find out in 3-4 months that the business has been sold to an investor, who is selling everything, and there will be no jobs.  This leaves nothing of the business in the future.

And a business owner may think a new employee could be a great asset, who will benefit the organization greatly, and really turn their situation around – only to find out that this new employee is later offered an opportunity to move elsewhere and begin his own business.  There are NO guarantees – definitely not now.

A Job Seeker has to practice extreme deep research and include tapping into credible experts to determine what is “real” verses “fantasy”.  Are the details “fact or fiction”?

The same is true for Business Owners.  Researching an employee’s background is the absolute minimum that needs to be done.  Before investing in a new hire, requesting a hefty salary, spend time having a lengthy interview and exchange to get a solid feel for that candidate’s core values and character traits.

Today such decisions can make or break an organization.  Make sure you are clear about your expectations and have a definite understanding of the candidates.  Learn of each other’s core values and priorities.

Though some people believe the best opportunities lie with becoming a Business Owner, though the facts are most people do not a clear understanding of all the responsibilities of the Self-Employed.  This is a HUGE RESPONSIBILITY!  The commitment can be overwhelming.  Whichever side of the business equation you fall, there are numerous risks, and a person should take time to become well informed of all aspects.  Compass Career Management Solutions are experts in “transitions”.