Let Freedom Ring for All Americans

When talking with more people throughout the community, a large majority are feeling that with so much happening and changing – not only locally but across the state, nation, and globally, that most are concerned that too many changes are occurring without enough thought to consequences and all who will be impacted – and whether these changes will make things better or worse.  Unfortunately, some comments from the Supreme Court Judges are leaving some to believe some judges may not be as impartial or open-minded as they are to be.

With this being the weekend of our nation’s birthday, more are extra concerned as what this means for our country’s future.  Are too many changes happening too quickly or not given enough research, thought, and consideration?  Though our society has become more impatient and demanding more immediate responses, someone of authority needs to pull back on the reigns and taken charge rather than let the “crowd” to barrel through and intimidate or force their way over wisdom and sound reasoning.

Though we need our government to help avoid any reckless behavior or endangerment, our government was not to act as “BIG BROTHER” over individuals, ruling our private lives or forcing other’s beliefs upon us.  As Thomas Jefferson wrote at his young and wise age of 32, there is meant to be a mutual respect for our fellow countrymen and women.  It seems amazing that Thomas Jefferson was able to verbalize such intelligent and wise forethought as a young adult.  Though we all benefitted from this.

It is now up to each of us to use our intelligence and practice appropriate and respectful behavior on a daily basis towards our fellow citizens.  Don’t let heated emotions and short tempers to cause more heartache, violence, and unnecessary chaos in our communities.  We were all given an intelligent brain and reasoning power to make good decisions.  Don’t let others be your excuse for exhibiting poor behavior and disrespectful actions.  Help us all to demonstrate the kind of people who are fortunate to live in the United States of America, for whom our Forefathers gave their lives to create.  Be thankful for their commitment.