Mental & Emotional Issues Intensify the Work Environment

If COVID doesn’t add enough stress to the workplace, the risk of job loss, business closures, legal challenges, and economic failure could push anyone over the edge.  If there are concerns about workplace ethics and integrity requiring an increase in workplace security, your workforce will surely experience even more stress or could lead some to lose their jobs.

There are already employees exhibiting migraine headaches, higher blood pressure, and depression, not to mention more people having thoughts of suicide.  Sadly, these symptoms have even been seen in teenagers and adolescents.  Today’s heightened stress levels have already caused young people to turn to extreme technological games, as well as resorting to “live”, high-risk behavior involving real weapons, taking the lives of even younger children.

If adults can’t keep their emotions and tempers “in check” and restrain themselves from “road rage” and violent behaviors in schools, malls, ball fields, restaurants, etc., how do they expect their children to be safe anywhere?

The workplace is one place where there should be mutually respectful guidelines to be followed.  Not only should co-workers be respectful of each other, but all employees should be honest and avoid any illegal behavior.  Any inappropriate behavior should be handled firmly and fairly.  Business Leaders and Owners are required to keep their workplaces safe and well-run.  If there is any doubt how to manage an ethical and high integrity business, contact Compass Career Management Solutions for such a professional forum.  Your life could depend upon it!!!; 704-849-2500