Who Really Knows the Facts/Truth on any Issue?

When you turn on the news each day, what topics or events take priority according to the Media?  Do you agree with the order of the topics or the way they are relayed?  Sometimes it seems the media places a higher priority on some things, or appear to rank others much lower, or the slant of a topic may appear to be misconstrued, unbalanced, or blown out of proportion.

Each day there are so many news-worthy events, some of a more local level verses national or international, that you scratch your head trying to absorb it all.  A possible example might be how a story about a shooting involving human violence is conveyed.  What details are emphasized or noted by the order the information is shared?

Professional journalism should relay “the facts” without any editorial comments.  When other anecdotes or personal comments are included, it changes the information – depicting intent or where blame should be placed.  This is like “painting a picture interjecting the reporter’s perspective or opinion”.  Suddenly, the story takes on a specific slant, and the public naturally deciphers their own interpretation of what happened, even though it may not be based on the “facts”.

Take whatever topic being discussed today, and that story that is relayed paints the picture from the “reporter’s” (not necessarily a journalist) opinion.  Unfortunately, the villain will likely take on the image of whoever the observer considers to be the predator.

Each issue or concern that is relayed to the public via the media (TV, radio, internet, Facebook, Twitter, etc.) will have their own slant on that situation.  Depending on which media venue you receive the information, you will be apt to take away whatever interpretation that was relayed by your chosen media.  Therefore, before you make up your mind what really happened in any situation, it may be wise to examine the “story” from more than one source.  Many of the issues today are “heavy or serious” in nature and shouldn’t be taken lightly.  Remember that those who report or relay each story are “human” and are likely to have their own emotional feelings about different topics.

To help convey why we/the public need to pay close attention to the issues being discussed these days, some topics include: abortion, the concern of questionable presidential behavior, our economy, COVID (among other health concerns), the Ukrainian War, gasoline, Social Security, inflation, cost of living, etc.  All are important topics and need the serious consideration of our citizens.