Change is the One Constant

Transformational/Radical Change
Structural Change
Process & System Change
People & Culture Change
Developmental Change
Merger/Acquisition Change
Downsizing Change
Relocation Change

Importance of Professional Resources

When owning or managing a business, that Business Leader must understand and be informed about the different needs of a business as “things change”.  Those Business Leaders should be educated and trained to stay informed and watch for economic and business changes and trends in order to prepare the business ahead for ways to avoid corporate, environmental, cultural, or other events to side-step financial or operational disasters.

Of course, there are also weather-related catastrophes that could cause business transitions.  When hurricanes or tornados hit communities, their consequences are often tragic.  Business Owners and Leaders need to be taught or informed of what proactive steps and actions should be planned to try to save or avoid a business from physical and/or financial devastation.  (This is also encouraged for “responsible business owners” to watch out for the employees, as their jobs are the basis for their livelihood.)

Just as there are strategic steps to help a business avoid extreme physical damage, there are also detailed strategies in order to encourage or plan for growth of a business.  A Business Leader may watch for good investments, which could develop positive growth via a merger or acquisition.  Taking these steps could create great opportunities and potential to many businesses.  If Business Owners/Leaders don’t keep informed and aware of important events, it could cost their company and their life investments.  (NOTE: A responsible and conscientious business owner would be held in high regard when taking steps to provide and/or assure employees receive support in regard to their employment security when possible.)

Some efforts that could substantially affect the life of a business and its workforce could include the need of specific training of employees.  Without investing in Employee Training, a business could find itself weakened in the “market place” and unable to compete for business opportunities.  Employee Training isn’t always learning specific technical skills, but it could involve different processes or procedures or even techniques or the use of different materials.  Employees must value working as a “team”.  CHANGE is not the enemy, but a factor that all employees and leaders need to understand, respect, and value.  Compass Career Management Solutions is an experienced and effective resource for all businesses and can strengthen an organization, positioning them to excel and grow even through various business transitions. The KEY is to be proactive, prepared, and committed.