Carefully Research & Choose the Best Career Path for Yourself

If you are selecting your career initially as you enter your adult life, you are encouraged to approach this critical journey via your adult education with these factors:

  1. Be aware of your strong skills
  2. Know of those important interests that should be a part of your career
  3. What are those values that at the core of who you are
  4. Be in touch with what kind of vision you have for your life
  5. And in order to accomplish your vision, what goals would you need to achieve.

Another important factor is to research which industry would be a fit for the position you seek, and within that industry, what company possesses the level of integrity and the reputation you would value?

However, if you are already an established, experienced employee and either want to make a career change or find yourself forced to make a career change, here are some steps to consider:

  1. Assess your interests and skills
  2. Research what other careers or industries would be viable
  3. Be open to informative interviews to learn more about a career or business
  4. Consider “job shadowing” others in the line of work in which you are interested
  5. Experiment by volunteering in the position or field of interest
  6. Take a class or tap into a Career Coach, that would be most beneficial to you
  7. But DON’T jump into a new career for the wrong reasons or be pushed into it

Look back at the different positions you have held and examine what you have learned about “business”.  When working for someone else, you may not understand why they make the decisions they have.  You should know that it’s easy to second-guess someone else’s decisions.  However, there are always LOTS of data and information as an employee you won’t have.  Still, choosing to be “Self-Employed” is an option, BUT if you do choose this, you are encouraged to hire a Career Coach to educate you in order to make wise decisions.  A Business Owner must be “well organized” and be sure to select credible business resources and to hire efficient, experienced employees in order to have a chance of success.  Be open to take classes as well as receive professional coaching.  Invest in yourself.  YOU ARE WORTH IT!!!

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