Are You Prepared for More Changes?

If you think your business or organization has experienced a lot of changes over the past 2.5 years, you are encouraged to stay alert, as there are even more changes that are likely to occur in the future.  Though there is no crystal ball, there are several predictions about what is to come.  Hopefully you have a strong Leadership Team with whom you can trust to thoroughly research and discuss what strategic steps should be planned in order to be prepared for more challenging times.

Changes and Transitions are more normal events in business, but with our difficult economy, our growing serious health issues, and increased violence, it will be more important than ever to develop innovative ideas for problem solving and ways to encourage our workforces.  Our Leaders need to dig deep to create new approaches and processes that will promote improved production.  This may include collaborating with others to benefit more people and enhance the organizations in the community.  Like the saying that “two heads are better than one”, by combining the creativity of multiple groups or organizations, the better the chance for success.

However, there are still some businesses, who will be forced to reduce staff.  In fact, some of that is happening now.  Though business owners may find this hard to imagine, it would behoove them to utilize a professional transition expert when faced with this type of change.  Though it seems more businesses are in need of employees, helping those released to present themselves as an asset for another organization takes special guidance and direction, as well as preparation in selecting appropriate companies and how to successfully handle an interview.

For those businesses who find themselves requiring a reduction of employees, those leaders should become familiar with Compass Career Management Solutions, who are professional experts in preparing for and managing a business transition.  With thorough experience serving a wide variety of industries, including all levels of positions and doing so since 1994, a business should find this a definite asset.  You are encouraged to visit  CHANGE is the one constant in business, and Compass Career Management Solutions is a credible resource.  (Robyn Crigger is the CEO, and Bill Crigger is the President.  (704-849-2500)