A Positive & Proactive Effort Can Be Productive

Life is full of decisions and choices, but to do nothing, ignore or try to avoid making a decision is unwise and could be viewed as poor leadership.  Tough decisions are stressful and can be agonizing, but this is what is expected of good Leaders/Employers.  When businesses and organizations face difficult times, the Decision Makers need to step up, examine all the facts and options, and make those tough calls.

There are no guarantees or crystal balls, and even if you research all the data available, there are still many unknowns that could change the outcomes.  However, Business Leaders and Employers have little choice but to make the best decisions possible under the circumstances.

One factor that has hurt many organizations and businesses today is that a large number of “experienced leaders” have chosen to leave or retire, especially since COVID hit.  This has left many organizations to try and manage with much less experienced managers, directors, and vice presidents.  No offense to this newer, younger group of execs, but the fact is there is no replacing the value and depth of “experience”.  Furthermore, most organizations are not spending the money on “true, credible Leadership Training”.  Yet, an effective Leadership Training program is priceless and beneficial, especially when dealing with the changing world we have now.

Many Business Owners and Employers don’t grasp the impact of a strategic, interactive Leadership Training Program, but such a process can open the eyes of competent, receptive young leaders.  As 2022 continues to evolve and other chapters develop in our business world, business owners would be wise to consider providing some educational efforts to give their young leaders a chance to learn how to be more insightful, identify valuable resources, and glean pertinent information in order to make better decisions.  They will all make some mistakes, but with the help of experienced and credible professionals, your new generation of leaders will have a better chance of advancing your businesses.  Compass Career Management Solutions has dealt with transitions of many kinds for over 25 years.   Let us help you and your leaders to develop and benefit your organizations.

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