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Unimaginable Disaster 

Regal, Responsible Queen Elizabeth

In a person’s lifetime, there are seldom more than one or two distinctive events that are unforgettable.  Some may seem awesome, but few stand the test of time.  Of course, such events may be considered timeless or unforgettable (i.e the shooting of Abraham Lincoln and John Kennedy), and no doubt these are tragic memories.  Still, there are other occurrences that are heart-breaking or shocking.  However, this week we have had two events to impact many people in multiple countries.

The death of Queen Elizabeth has reminded many of what an outstanding world leader she was.  She was honorable, highly respected, responsible, wise, and a woman of “true character”.  She set the example of “solid leadership”, acting responsibly at all times, and will surely be missed.   Queen Elizabeth performed her role as her country’s leader, while also caring for her husband and children.

Now today, September 11, 2022, we are reminded of the horrible tragedy, which began with the destruction of the New York Twin Towers, and continued with two other devastating targets, killing thousands of people, which still causes great sadness 21 years later.  Yet we are thankful to the many who contributed everything to help where they could.

All should be thankful for all these outstanding examples of humanity.  We should all remind ourselves that we never know when tragedies may strike and to be respectful of all who have been so responsible and caring of their fellow man.

Hopefully, people will remember today and will encourage others to step up and be supportive and responsible when their time comes.  We each can help to make a difference in another’s life.  You never know when YOU may find yourself in need of assistance.   If you are a parent, you are encouraged to remind your children that none of us live alone in this world, but rather that we should be sensitive and respectful of our fellow human beings, being supportive when possible.  Compass Career Management strives to provide credible, supportive, effective services to our clients.; 704-849-2500