Be Ready for Whatever Lies Ahead


Having Difficult Conversations

Many employers and managers have had to have difficult conversations due to sensitive circumstances, and this is an experience that all dread having, but it is a part of business.  Changes take place that cause these unpleasant decisions to come about.  A slow-down in business, bad economic times, hard financial times, global health issues, etc.  No matter what factors develop, many employees can be affected. 
When businesses recognize the need to reduce the workforces, it is usually left to the employers and managers to inform the employees of their releases.  If this situation is recognized before the company is in extreme danger of closing, the employers are encouraged to contact a professional transition firm, who can assist those employees being affected, while being of support to owners. 
Compass Career Management Solutions is a credible, experienced and professional Transition Expert, who can work with the company to create a proactive process, which can assist those employees to manage their career transitions effectively and successfully.  Our Outplacement Programs can make a difference in the outcome for all affected.  This not only benefits the released employees, but helps to secure a more positive public image of the company. 
Business Owners and Employers are encouraged to visit the Compass Career website ( and become more acquainted with our services.  Then contact our office to discuss your specific situation, and allow a time for us to meet and get better acquainted in order to strategize what would be the best approach for your circumstances.  Since 1994 we have serviced a wide variety of industries through different transitions (acquisitions, mergers, downsizings, etc.).  Whether you need to release one employee or dozens, our process is one of sensitivity, respect, and flexibility.  We have been hired by manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, accounting, property management, retail, law firms, etc., and we will do whatever it takes to help you manage your transition as efficiently and positively as possible.  Robyn Crigger is the CEO, and Bill Crigger is the President.  Be assured that we hold integrity and respect as priorities.; 704-849-2500