The Need for Positive Encouragement



Can You Provide that “Ray of Light” That Sparks REAL Hope?


There are many who can say some “encouraging words” that may build up your hope for a while, but what can you do to make this year substantially better than the past two or three years?  We’ve all had to deal with COVID, the deaths and serious illnesses of friends and family, lost jobs, declining incomes, major increased prices of all living expenses, etc.  Add to that flooding, hurricanes, tornadoes, freezing temperatures, mountains of snow, insurances that don’t hold up to their promises, and so on.  Sadly, nature’s unpredictable weather has taken its toll.

Then we turn on the news to hear about violent shootings in schools, malls, ball fields, into homes hitting innocent children, as well as deaths in other public places, causing this sad saga to continue.  No one wants to turn on the evening news as it is so depressing.  Most realize that it could be worse when you hear of all those people dealing with bombings from Russia, where homes, schools, hospitals are completely demolished, as well as individuals being killed on their streets.  These are very unsettling times.  It has caused dramatic increases in all areas.  There is FEAR about the future.

Businesses and many industries are unable to keep up normal productions, which causes shortages in many stores and on pharmacy shelves.  With COVID affecting so many countries, there are numerous items and necessities that are being affected.  Some industries are being hindered even more, causing some to close completely.  There seems to be no one untouched by this continuous rampage of travesty.  Of course, the elderly are vulnerable, as well as the children.

Still, if there is a time for some positive ingenuity, that would be welcomed, and that time would be NOW.  Sometimes there have been true blessings or gifts that have miraculously been inspired by times as these.  When we are faced with trying experiences, a special spark of inspiration develops.  Each day is an opportunity for a true blessing, and each of us are capable of providing that special spark of hope that can ignite opportunities for others.  Think positive and encourage others to be an inspiration, which we all need.  Each new day and year is full of potential and HOPE!; 704-849-2500