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Factors That Empower Growth

Too often we let our intelligence gets the better of us – instead of being in tune with our gut and “better sense”, we let our brain outsmart us and don’t pay enough attention to our instincts.  We rationalize and try to “reason” our way through a situation instead of using our “sixth sense”.

There was a movie a while back, which addressed this very point.  I believe it was Bruce Willis, who met a young boy who said he could hear “dead people talk”, and Bruce Willis shrugged off the boy’s comments to the child’s wild imagination.  However, the fact is the boy’s instincts were giving him some very good advice.

More and more employers today are choosing to ignore some comments from the very people who need certain training and direction, and yet the employers were assuming that the employees were just encouraging the employer to spend unnecessary funds on education and instruction to delay the inevitable of reducing the workforce.  On the contrary, these employees identified certain areas of assistance and training that they felt were keeping them from being as productive and effective as they could be.  Without receiving appropriate training and instruction, the employees felt a huge void in their abilities.

Furthermore, these employees recognized that the type of instruction they needed was from more qualified and professional trainers than past employees and in-house consultants.  Instruction and processes had changed substantially over time, and the old, past assistance just didn’t address the skills and procedures of current times.  Doing the same ole processes just didn’t cut it anymore.  And impersonal technological programs didn’t provide the detailed direction that the employees needed today.  Take time to explore qualified and professional instructors to heighten your workforces’ skills and capabilities.  Talk to Compass Career Management Solutions.; 704-849-2500