How to Approach Rough Periods

There is never an easy answer to such situations, but all Leaders today need to give this serious thought.

What are topics and concerns that are on the minds of so many people today?  How might these concerns affect local workplaces?  No one has to look far to see issues that could easily cause our fellow co-workers to react or respond emotionally.  Too many today are seeing disturbing behavior that none of us ever expected to see.

With extensive health concerns like COVID and the resurgence of the Measles, as well as all those around our world who are facing starvation and extreme military actions, causing numerous people dying, many others find themselves experiencing great sadness and depression.

It is important for businesses and their leaders to be aware that these difficult times can find their way into the work places and possibly affecting some of the workforces.  We may not be able to rectify or make a substantial difference in the big picture, but it is wise to keep an open mind and a willingness to be supportive to those who are experiencing emotional and mental distress.  It is hard to watch and hear of the tragedies on our TVs and not be affected.  In fact, numerous people even have friends and relatives directly affected by some of these events.

Therefore, though businesses have work to be done and people to service, it would be extremely encouraged for workplaces and their leaders to allow for some understanding and compassion.  Obviously, businesses need their employees to meet their commitments and be responsible.  Still, management can surely work with the workforce to complete their obligations and still be supportive.

The fact is these are difficult times, but we each have times in our lives when we aren’t able to do our best.  However, that should be the “exception” and not “the rule”.  Hopefully, in time the catastrophes of today will be resolved.  No one is perfect, but our Leaders need to lead by example – being respectful and encouraging.  (NOTE: The topic of Workforce Behavior on our website.)