Why is OI Global Partners Important to CCMS?


Compass Career Management Solutions began their company in 1994 as a franchise with limitations to what service they could provide companies. Though Compass Career Management Solutions (CCMS) had handled transitions and outplacement in a very comprehensive manner, the franchise wouldn’t allow separation of services, yet our clients were asking us to assist with Team Building or Supervisory Training, etc.

Then we became aware of another “career management” organization (as referred to in the early 1990’s) called OI Partners Inc. They are a corporation, which after thorough research, we recognized as possessing the high standards and personal support to clients which we felt we provided. In 2001 Compass Career Management Solutions (named by our own clients) chose to be a part of OI Partners, and they welcomed us.

As time passed, and related needs and services were identified, OI Partners continued to expand and provide “Human Resources-related services” to address the many challenges and issues that are created by change and transitions, which are a natural part of the business world. From the time Compass Career Management became a partner of OI Partners, there existed national and international firms as part of OI Partners. This was another positive asset for our clients.

OI Partners recognized the growing need for technology in our industry, in order to assist our clients effectively. The OI Partners were constantly keeping alert to additional needs and resources, which was important in servicing and providing all types of support to our clients. Clearly, one aspect of this was to make our technological support current, user friendly, and addressing different needs for different people.

In more recent times OI Partners chose to expand their capabilities by partnering with other similar entities, which made the corporation even more “global”. Therefore, as we grew, we altered our name to “OI Global Partners”. As more international companies have come to the United States, the relationship was a “necessity”, and this forged us into an even more comprehensive HR corporation. Compass Career Management Solutions is thankful for the ability to service all of our clients across the United States and around the world due to our OI Global Partners Inc. This benefits all concerned.