Consider who is affected & their Challenges If you/employer find it necessary to reduce your workforce, there are a few factors to consider in order to know what would be best for all concerned.  Also, how this is handled is extremely important.  There is no surprise for those familiar with the reduction of employees as … Read more


Changes have continued to be an ongoing event throughout time, and over the past 16 months or more, the changes we have experienced have increased with some being more challenging.  Our work routines have taken on more frequent alterations, which have affected our family needs, often adding more frustrations for our families as well as … Read more

Expected insight for businesses in the future

A LIKELY PEEK INTO THE NEAR FUTURE Though COVID-19 has experienced some slow-downs, and more people are gradually getting their vaccines, there are still some additional variations of the virus, and people are continuing to travel, mix socially, and not always wearing masks or social distancing.  Therefore, the pandemic is far from over.  This can’t … Read more


BIGGEST CONCERNS FOR EMPLOYEES IN 2021 As some careers are Created, others are Eliminated! Employees are facing “transitioning times” as many positions and careers are being eliminated (or reduced), like bank tellers, secretaries, administrative assistants, gasoline attendants, cashiers, etc., while other positions are being created. Many of us seldom see the doctors anymore, but instead … Read more

Be Aware – An Important Effort that is Needed

How Do You Treat Others in Business? Trust Results from Mutual Respect Whether in business, in your neighborhood, within your family, in school, or anywhere else, we all deserve to be treated with kindness, sensitivity, and support. As human beings, there should be an understanding that as members of this planet, we should value our … Read more

What Do You Want for our Nation’s Future?

Democracy: How Will It Be Different in the Future? There has been a lot of negative exchanges made over the entire time period prior to and throughout our national elections, and many of these unflattering and discouraging exchanges continue to take place.  Though some politicians, media personnel, and others say we need to move on … Read more

Encourage Investing Positive Efforts for a Bright Future

Our country and many others around the world are experiencing a variety of unrest, misunderstandings, differences of opinions and/or beliefs, some closed mindedness, misinterpretations, lack of respect, etc.  With these differences, it isn’t easy to bring people together.  However, if people could agree that we all need to respect each other’s opinions and beliefs, such … Read more

Do Employees Trust Their Employers & Why?

How does one earn trust of another?   When an employer hires an employee, are employers to believe that the employee will automatically be loyal to that employer? Or by hiring someone, is the employee required to trust that employer? If not, then how can an employer know that the employee will trust him/her? Would … Read more