Who is the Problem & What is Being Done

ARE YOU AWARE? TWO IMPORTANT TRAITS THAT ARE NEEDED MORE THAN EVER: GOOD ETHICS & RESPECTFUL BEHAVIOR Over the past 23 months, many employees have experienced some very negative workforce environments.  The ones that have made it extra unpleasant are those where the management team and/or the employer have been at the core of the … Read more

Good Advice re Career Choices — Words of Wisdom

DETERMINING THE CAREER OPTION THAT BEST FITS YOU Carefully Evaluate What Job Makes You Feel More Value For almost two years many people have either lost their jobs or had to adjust their careers in order to try to survive through this Pandemic.  Depending on where you were in your career when all of this … Read more

How Are Ethics and Integrity Viewed by Different Generations?

In past generations, a person or professional who had poor integrity or poor ethics was viewed as being someone you couldn’t trust.  What do today’s generations think of such people?  Is ethics or integrity ranked as important as it used to be, OR do people see that as old-fashioned or not relevant today? Many college … Read more

Determining Your Specific Career Path

Be Sure You Understand All That’s Involved in your chosen Profession Each year more occupations and professions have been created, while some of the older positions have been eliminated.  Factors in these changes include technology, economics, trends, interests, shortage or discouraging the use of certain supplies, etc.  Similar changes occurred through the Industrial Evolution and … Read more

Why Good Employees Are Leaving Jobs

It is critically important for employers to understand why they are losing more of their “GOOD” employees!!!  Take time to review this notice and learn what steps are needed to avoid losing more “GOOD EMPLOYEES”! FACTORS WHY GOOD EMPLOYEES LEAVE JOBS

Select Training that Benefits and Protects Your Workforces

What Training Should You Provide that Benefits Your Workforces? There is a NEED to Learn to Use Strategic, Effective, & Sensitive Procedures The topic of Workplace Violence may not seem to be an appreciated subject for employees and management these days, but it can avoid and prepare many from a tragic event from taking place … Read more

The Unemployed – Are They Using The Best Wisdom Re Job Strategy

Obviously, there are a large number of people who are unemployed at this time.  Many of these people are receiving some fairly substantial funds from our nation’s government.  In fact, some are receiving higher amounts of money than they normally earn at past jobs.  However, these government funds will be coming to an end  in … Read more

Changes Being Chosen re Retirement — How Would You Compare

NOTE: Trends do change.  Retirement is no different.  Employers, what do you expect with your employees?  More people are retiring now than was ever expected.  Are you prepared? Changes in Retirement – More People Are Making Different Choices in their Retirement OR