Be Ready for Whatever Lies Ahead

HOW TO HANDLE TOUGH, NECESSARY STEPS WHEN NEEDED Having Difficult Conversations Many employers and managers have had to have difficult conversations due to sensitive circumstances, and this is an experience that all dread having, but it is a part of business.  Changes take place that cause these unpleasant decisions to come about.  A slow-down in business, bad … Read more

Is Your Company Prepared for the Challenges of 2023

Is Your Business Ready for 2023? There is quite a bit of talk about our country’s upcoming Recession, as our circumstances have not improved.  In fact, more concerning situations have increased as well as become more serious.  This positions most organizations to brace for more problems. There is also more talk of companies being faced … Read more

Services that Best Benefit Businesses

What Would Enable Employees to Better Contribute to Your Business? Businesses have had to face some very difficult economic circumstances over the past two years, and COVID, which has been a huge factor, has yet to be resolved, though the vaccinations and boosters have helped.  Still, employers and business owners need to consider what efforts … Read more

Important Credible Traits

TWO DISTINCTIVE & DIFFERENT EXAMPLES OF UNFORGETABLE TRAITS Unimaginable Disaster  Regal, Responsible Queen Elizabeth

Credible and Effective Approach for Businesses Faced with Transitions

NOTICE: EFFECTIVE RESOURCE FOR TRANSITIONS EMPLOYERS, HELP EMPLOYEES CAUGHT IN THE MIDDLE Economic Challenges Force Employers to Downsize Though these financially and economically distraught times have caused many employers to cut their workforces dramatically, leaving many people at a loss and feeling desperate, there could be potential alternatives by tapping into credible, innovative resources (like Compass … Read more


EMPLOYERS/OWNERS: HOW TO ADDRESS MORE ECONOMIC CHANGES? A Positive & Proactive Effort Can Be Productive Life is full of decisions and choices, but to do nothing, ignore or try to avoid making a decision is unwise and could be viewed as poor leadership.  Tough decisions are stressful and can be agonizing, but this is what … Read more

Stay Informed – Employers and Employees

STAY INFORMED THE STATUS OF THE JOB MARKET Factors to include in Choosing Your New Position   Since there are numerous “open job signs” posted, you would think that landing a job would be a “piece of cake”.  However, employers are looking for more than a “warm body”!!!  With businesses closing left and right, each … Read more


Notice COMPANY GOALS THAT CAN HELP TO IMPROVE BUSINESS By Using Creative, Imaginative, & Strategic Efforts, Solutions Are Found It takes a combination of intelligence, research, perseverance/concentration, and strategic development in order to create the best efforts and design, which can proactively and positively impact your organization.  With a well-planned development strategy, that is also … Read more