INSIGHT INTO EFFECTIVE BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT Productive Alternatives that Enhance Businesses By Keeping a Positive Attitude, Positive Opportunities Develop Too often negative mindsets block the potential for creative and unusual ideas that could lead to progressive solutions.  Thus, what needs to take place is to encourage open exchanges where ideas may be shared without criticism, and … Read more

Important Reality Check

BULLETIN INSIGHT RE: JOB & BUSINESS TRANSITIONS “The Reality of Today’s Business World” Our world today is similar to the “game show”, Jeopardy!  It seems practically nothing today is a “sure thing”!  Almost everything is uncertain or full of unpredictable circumstances. One person could change jobs and make a small increase of salary but find … Read more

Businesses, Are You Making Good Decisions?

BUSINESSES, ARE YOU MAKING GOOD DECISIONS? Using the Same Practices Won’t Produce Different or Better Outcomes It typically takes a few years for a new business to transform into a more productive business, and then when businesses are faced with the unusual circumstances that we have had over the past 2.5 years, it will take … Read more

Serious Food for Thought

IS ANYONE LISTENING? Are You Really Aware of What Is Happening Around You? It has already been said and repeated so many times, but since COVID began 2.5 years ago, all people (young, old and in-between) have encountered so many upsetting, sad, scary, devastating experiences that the repercussion will be very long lasting and likely … Read more

Expectations You Have for Our Future

FUTURE EXPECTATIONS THE WORLD’S FUTURE: WHICH OUTCOME DO YOU EXPECT? Over time, the world has gone through many “power struggles”, as well as transitions affected by weather (Ice Age), Violent Battles (Atomic Bomb), Deadly Illnesses (smallpox), Chemical Warfare, the Industrial Revolution, and the unforeseen outcome of the Extreme Development and Dependency of Man’s Technology, etc.  … Read more

Effectively Beneficial Forums

NOTICE BUSINESS FORUMS THAT ARE PROFESSIONALLY BENEFICIAL Professional Venue to Exchange & Share Credible Ideas/Solutions Compass Career Management has provided and developed numerous business and career forums and venues for individuals and groups to educate business leaders (including human resources professionals) on topics that have caused challenges to organizations, which have included some costly expenses, … Read more

What Are You Doing to Place Your Organization on a Proactive Path for the Future?

REALISTIC EXPECTATIONS OF FUTURE ENVIRONMENT, BUSINESS & LEADERS (Desire to be Socially Conscientious) Vs (The newer Generation has NO patience nor value/respect Others.) Is it not discouraging to see images like these above of some of our talented business professionals?  If you ever wonder what the future holds for businesses or business leaders, look at … Read more